We’re glad you’ve helped your student to this point and we’re even happier that you’re supporting them through the most transformative experience in their life.

Our office is here to help you and your student during the start of their college career. We want to ensure you have the resources and knowledge to continue to guide your student.


Knowing what to expect is the most important thing you can do to help your student. Planning begins at different stages for different students, but our application guides provide all of the details regarding admissions timelines and deadlines. This enables you to ensure that your student is on track and shows you what to expect from our office along the way.


For many, an undergraduate degree is just the beginning. A student’s experience at CSU allows them to start forging their future, whether it’s landing a job, attending graduate school or joining the Peace Corps. We want you to know our primary focus is your student’s success — whatever that might be.


To continue our land-grant mission of access to higher education, each applicant is given a careful, individual holistic review. That means our admissions professionals examine a wide range of factors when considering future students.


Throughout the admissions process we are happy to answer your questions. We encourage your student to control their admission process, but if you need assistance at any point please connect with our counselor staff. 

After admission, the staff at Parent and Family Programs assists families on how to become appropriately involved and connected with their students and the University.