“It just feels right.”

We’re lucky to hear those words almost every day.

Whether it happens when you’re walking down the Oval, chatting to a current student about their life on campus, or just picturing yourself walking to class — you have to feel it for yourself.

Choose the population below that best represents you, then take a look at our upcoming opportunities.

Getting to campus.

Make your trip as easy as possible. Know where you’re going and how to get there.

High school students


Visit opportunities for currently enrolled high school students or students who have never attended college.

Transfer students

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Visit opportunities for students who currently are attending or plan to attend another college/university before applying to CSU.

Program-Specific Visits

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Are you interested in a specific academic program at CSU? Learn more about some of the opportunities offered by academic departments and colleges.

Group visits

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Visit opportunities for teachers, counselors or leaders to bring their group or organization to campus.