What those college rankings really mean

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What’s up with all of those college rankings, anyway?

We know. There are a lot of college rankings out there.

It’s no wonder students and families sometimes get confused about what they all mean. That’s why it’s important to think beyond the ranking itself, and instead get into the stories behind them.

At Colorado State, we’re proud of of our rankings, but we’re even prouder of the hard work they represent. After all, shouldn’t a ranking mean something more than a number?

Here are a few of the rankings that reveal the most about CSU’s values, and, more importantly, the stories behind them.

Number 1 college in Colorado … twice!

It’s hard to miss these two rankings, both giving CSU the top spot in Colorado. Washington Monthly magazine placed CSU in the top spot for Colorado, and 54th nationally among public universities. The magazine bases its rankings primarily around student-facing programs that focus on achievement and success. CSU’s commitment to student success can be seen in the student success initiative and in programs like the Collaborative for Student Achievement.

Schools.com also ranked CSU as its #1 Colorado school, based on 13 different categories, including cost and programs and degrees offered.

#70 public university nationwide

You may have seen U.S. News and World Report’s rankings of national universities make headlines before, and many use it as a barometer to assess a school’s overall quality.

CSU currently holds the #70 spot, which demonstrates CSU’s highly recognized programs in both undergraduate and graduate studies, as well as the commitment to both reinvest in campus and to increase student retention.

Leading the way in sustainability

We’re growing at CSU — fast. But we’re not growing irresponsibly.

In fact, we are consistently recognized for our leadership in sustainability. We were the first university in the world to receive a S.T.A.R.S. Platinum rating for sustainability (and then we did it again!), have been recognized by the Sierra Club, and we’re the #1 most sustainable university in Best Colleges’ annual rankings.

So, what are we doing to create such a green place to live and learn? We’re thinking big, like housing the Colorado Forest Restoration Institute and the Center for Collaborative Conservation. We’re also making composting a priority in our dining halls and have started a campus-wide initiative to educate the Colorado State University community about the importance of bees to our ecosystem.

“A” for effort

Niche 2019 Best Colleges badge

No, really. A lot of effort goes into receiving the “A-” rating we’ve gotten from Niche, an organization that produces comprehensive university rankings based on dozens of data sets and public reviews.

Niche approaches its rankings in a comprehensive manner, reflecting the quality of everything from specific academic programs to the quality of food on campus. We’re proud to report that a “B” is our lowest rating in any individual category and that we are rated as the #3 Top Public University in Colorado.

We earned this rating because CSU is a well-rounded institution. The college experience is more than just classes or residence halls; it’s off-campus life, the quality of the town we live in, and even how happy our professors are teaching on campus. The true quality of a school shows when we add all of the factors together.

Write it down: CSU is serious about writing

This year, CSU was also recognized for excellence in “Writing in the Disciplines.” In other words, CSU makes “the writing process a priority at all levels of instruction and across the curriculum.”

In today’s world, communication is key to a student’s success, which is why it’s a priority in all of our programs. Our student body is seeing the benefits, too, in metrics such as student retention and success.

The best part? We’re in great company. Other schools recognized include academic heavy hitters like Brown University, Columbia University, Harvard University, Princeton University, Stanford University and Yale University, to name a few.