Transfer applicants: February 1 is a big deal. Here’s why.

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February 1 is your early action date.

If you’re applying as a transfer for Fall, February 1 is your early action date. But what does that actually mean?

It’s a big deal for financial aid in particular. Here’s what you’ll get if you submit your application and all required support documents by this date:

Full scholarship consideration.

If you submit a complete application by February 1, you will not only get full consideration for our automatic merit scholarships. You’ll also have access to the Colorado State University Scholarship Application (CSUSA) before it closes on March 1. The CSUSA gives you access to a variety of scholarship opportunities at CSU.

Transfer applicants who apply after February 1 will likely not have access to the CSUSA before it closes.

An admission decision by February 28.

If you submit a complete application by February 1, you will receive an admission decision by the end of the month.

First access to orientation and course registration.

Transfer orientation registration opens January 23rd. The sooner you apply, the more access you’ll have to an early orientation spot and thus early access to course registration, which opens in May.

You’ll also have plenty to time to receive your transfer credit evaluation. This will help you to make the right course selections during orientation and registration.

Increased access to on-campus housing.

If you’re planning to live on campus, early access to the housing application is a big benefit, too. Space is limited in our transfer communities so the earlier you complete the application, the better.

Get started

Reap the benefits of taking early action. Visit our transfer application guide to apply.

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Jill Baylis

Jill is part of the communications team in the Office of Admissions. As a first-generation college student, she works hard to simplify the college admissions process and enjoys helping future Rams connect to their interests. In her free time you can usually find her at a local concert or rolling through town on her single speed.