Is our prepayment plan right for you?

Blog Header: Is Our Prepayment Plan Right for you?

Paying for college looks different for everyone. Some students prefer to pay their bill each semester in a lump sum. For others, having a jumpstart goes a long way. Our new prepayment plan allows you to do just that.

What is it?

The prepayment plan allows you to make up to six payments to your semester bill before it’s due. You can also designate trusted individuals to have access to your billing info and make payments on your behalf via our family portal FAMweb.

Prepayment is available for fall and spring semesters. It is not available for the summer term.

Who can use it?

Current students and designated individuals can use the prepayment plan. To share access to your ebilling information with a parent or other trusted individual, follow these steps.

Once a student grants access, the designated individual will then be able to access the prepayment plan by logging into FAMweb.

What are the benefits?


The ability to give others access to make payments to your bill creates less hassle for you and your loved ones. This can be helpful if you have family members or others in your life who would like to assist you in paying for college. Access can be removed at any time.


You can start paying your bill up to six months before the bill is due. How many payments you opt to make is completely up to you. You can also change the payment amount at any time.


Once you set up the process, CSU takes care of the rest. Withdrawals are automatic and come directly from your bank account.

Use the CSU Payment Estimator tool to calculate your tuition estimate and help you determine how much you would like to pay.

How does it work?

To sign up for the prepayment plan, login to your RAMweb account and navigate to the Billing and Tax Information section. You will select how many payments to make, enter the amount to pay each month, and provide bank account information for automatic withdrawls. Only domestic checking and savings accounts are accepted.

CSU will automatically withdraw the payment from the account between the third and the fifth of each month. There is a $25 fee for each term you enroll in the plan.

If you have designated a trusted individual to have access to your billing information, they will need to create and login to a FAMweb account and then follow the same process.

Have more questions?

Head over to our prepayment plan FAQs page.

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Jill Baylis

Jill was a staff member in the Office of Admissions until 2019 when she moved to Denver. As a first-generation college student, she focused on simplifying the college admissions process and helping future Rams find community on campus.