How to: Native American Heritage Application fee waiver

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What is the Native American Heritage Application Fee waiver?

Colorado State University is celebrating its Native American students and Native American Heritage month by waiving the application fee for students! From November 1-10, 2019, students who have a tribal affiliation or who identify as Native American are invited to waive their application fees and apply for free.

The process is easy and only takes a few clicks.

Applying using the Common Application (freshman/first-year students only)

  • Within the “CSU Questions” section, look for the second prompt in the General section: “Are you eligible for a CSU application fee waiver through one (or more) of the following affiliations?”
  • Choose “Native American Heritage Month” from the dropdown options
  • No other codes or actions are required as long as you submit your Common Application and CSU Questions between November 1-10, 2019

Applying using the CSU Application (all application types)

  • After you submit your application, follow the link in the message box: “Review Requirements and Request a Fee Waiver”
  • Choose “Native American Heritage Month” on the fee waiver request form
  • No other codes or actions are required as long as you submit your CSU Application between November 1-10, 2019

What else is needed to apply?

Freshman/first-year students should be prepared to submit their application for admission and their personal statement, while all other students will only need to submit their application for admission. All other supporting documents—such as transcripts or recommendations—can be submitted separate from the application and are not required to qualify for the fee waiver.

Students are also invited to begin their applications early. The waiver is only available if the application is submitted between November 1-10, but students can get a head start before the fee waiver period by filling out information in advance.

For any other questions about the application fee waiver, please contact Danita Ordaz.

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Evan Moore

Evan is the Assistant Director of Communications and New Media at the Office of Admissions.