3 ways to study abroad before you start classes at Colorado State

two students gaze up at a historic eurpoean cathedral

Going abroad is an opportunity many college students hope to have at some point in their college career. And, many who have experienced learning abroad will attest that it can stretch you in ways that traditional classes and learning methods cannot. But, did you know CSU offers several opportunities to experience education abroad before starting classes? Getting a chance to connect with other CSU students, get a head start on your coursework, and see the world might be just what you need to get you in the college groove. Here are three ways incoming CSU Rams can go abroad before school starts in the fall.

#1: Ecuador

The Ecuador trip is a 10-day program for students of all majors, and provides a rich experience living and learning in the South American city of Quito. The group will function as a cohort, traveling to Ecuador together, experiencing the culture through local sights and teachers, and then traveling to the tropical Cloud Forest Reserve. Upon returning, the cohort will continue meeting for the first eight weeks of the semester to reflect and explore more about their experiences.

#2: Costa Rica (for Psychology majors)

First-year psychology majors have the opportunity to explore and learn in Costa Rica before they come to CSU. For 10 days, students will explore what Psychology at CSU entails, including a foundational framework of the subject matter to help them when they return to campus for classes. Students will learn about cross-cultural psychology while abroad, and gain a valuable international perspective on the topic. They’ll enjoy time exploring the urban and tropical sights as they bond with fellow majors and instructors, and return to CSU to continue their studies and reflect on their experiences.

#3. Germany (for Engineering majors)

Incoming first-year and transfer engineering majors can travel to Berlin, Germany, for 10 days prior to their first classes at CSU, exploring the rich culture and history alongside their introduction to engineering. Prior to the trip, the group will meet for an intensive week of learning, where they’ll gain foundational mechanical engineering knowledge, and get to know their fellow majors and instructors. When returning to campus, the group will meet for another four weeks to reflect on their experiences and continue their coursework.

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Prairie Smallwood

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