Alcides “Tico” Cummins

Tico was born in New Jersey, but now calls Texas home. His favorite thing about the CSU campus? The friendliness of the people he meets. “They make everyone feel included and part of the Ram Family,” Tico explained.

You can count on Tico to ask the right questions. He specializes in making sure he learns about his students so he can best assist in finding a good fit to pursue their passions.

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Top conversation starters
  • Completed school in Costa Rica
  • Can clap with one hand
  • Lived in Barcelona, Spain for one month
  • Has one younger sister
Skills on a scale from zero to awesome
Dancing salsa and merengue
Watching Netflix
Sitting for too long
Other ways to get in touch
  • Alcides.Cummins@colostate.edu
Tico in his natural habitat