Megan Bush

Megan Miller

Megan is a Colorado native who loves the variety of involvement opportunities there are on campus. “CSU has something for everyone so it’s easy to find your fit and make yourself at home. It is almost impossible to be bored with all of the events, clubs, and activities.”

Interested in academic opportunities at CSU? Megan is passionate about helping students find their academic niche through exploring enrichment opportunities.

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Top conversation starters
  • Loves the movie Lion King
  • Played on the Men’s golf team in high school
  • Studied abroad in Prague, Czech Republic
  • Could eat spaghetti for every meal
Skills on a scale from zero to awesome
Cheering on the Rams
Finding coffee shops
Reaching the top shelf
Other ways to get in touch
  • (970) 491-2914

Megan in her natural habitat