Arlee on the Oval

Arlee Walls

Arlee has moved on from her role in Admissions at CSU. Please contact Katy Wicks with your questions.

Arlee is a recent CSU graduate and got her bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Media Communications with a minor in Information Science and Technology. After growing up in Colorado and going out of state for a semester, she decided to transfer to CSU after hearing from friends how welcoming and friendly everyone is.

Scared about transferring to a new school? Arlee loves to help new students find their community. “CSU has been my home away from home and I love the sense of community the school and town has,” she says.

Top conversation starters
  • Lived in Colorado, Texas, Oregon, and Arizona
  • (Finally) learned to snowboard after graduating college
  • Loves trying new coffee shops
  • Will happily talk about dogs
Skills on a scale from zero to awesome
Laughing loudly
Brunch dates
Dancing at random times
Going to a haunted house
Arlee in her natural habitat