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Claire Kraus

Claire is returning to be a student full time. Please contact Alejandra Alvarez with your questions.

Claire is a fourth-year student at CSU, studying Psychology and Criminal Justice. Originally from Montana, Claire transferred her sophomore year from a small liberal arts school in Southern California. She is an admissions counselor intern but has been working in admissions as a transfer ambassador for over two years. After graduation next spring, she plans on moving to the East Coast.

Having spent a year at a very different university and finding her way to CSU as a transfer student, Claire can speak to feeling uncertain about how to identify the right school and also about what things make CSU so special in comparison to other schools. She loves working with prospective students because it is a great opportunity to help other students find their way at CSU and to CSU in the same way that she has found her way here.

Top conversation starters
  • Will happily talk about dogs
  • Loves movies and talking about favorites
  • Studied abroad in Prague
  • Likes to ski. She grew up racing and doing freestyle.
Skills on a scale from zero to awesome
Talking randomly during awkward silences
Quoting "The Office" or "New Girl"
Playing Solitaire
Tying her shoes like an adult