CAM the Ram holding "photo coming soon" sign

Kira Douglas

Kira was born in Guilin, China, but moved to Centennial, Colorado, when she was just two years old. She knew that she wanted to attend CSU at an early age because she dreamed of being a veterinarian (a dream she decided against in her second semester at CSU). Kira graduated with a degree in Biological Science with a minor in Business in Fall 2022. As a student, Kira was involved as a Ram Handler, so she got to hang out with the animal ambassador, CAM the Ram, and she was part of the Asian-interest sorority on campus. Kira is passionate about welcoming students to CSU and finding ways to work through possible barriers to higher education.

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Top conversation starters
  • Never fell asleep in a class in 17 years of school
  • Has been to Europe and China twice, and plans to do more traveling soon
  • Played violin for nine years and trumpet for five years
  • Was a huge band nerd in high school and still keeps up with all things drum corps
Skills on a scale from zero to awesome
Macro photography (mostly flowers)
Editing photos of flowers
Getting through airport security quickly
Kira in her natural habitat