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Ryan Torrez

Ryan is away from the office and will be back June 13. While he’s away, you can connect with one of his transfer admissions colleagues: Allie, Alejandra, Andre, Fletcher or Katy, by visiting their counselor profile pages. They are excited to meet with you!

Born and raised in Fort Collins, Ryan is studying Social Work at Colorado State. He loves to share why he chose CSU and what makes Fort Collins such a great place.

Though not a transfer student himself, he has worked with the transfer team for several years s to gain as much knowledge as possible about the transfer experience and process. He is dedicated to making sure he gets prospective students the information they need to make an informed decision.

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Top conversation starters
  • Loves Dungeons & Dragons – has been both a player and a dungeon master
  • Once drank an entire pitcher of sweet tea from IHOP
  • Joined his high school swim team without knowing how to swim
  • Was in choir for about eight years
Skills on a scale from zero to awesome
Watching TikToks
Playing video games
Rolling dice for D&D
Ability to get rid of spiders