Trecia poses outside

Trecia Smith

Trecia is a North Carolina native who started her path in higher ed working in admissions at her alma mater, Appalachian State. She attended two other schools before finishing at Appalachian State, so she loves talking about all the different options and pathways you can go through for college. “I’m excited to experience living in another mountain town,” she says. Trecia loves helping students find ways to get connected to the surrounding community of their school.

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  • Spent her first year of college abroad in Costa Rica
  • Loves to dance Salsa, Bachata, Blues, and West Coast Swing
  • Has a tea collection with 50-70 types of tea
  • Highly interested in sustainable textiles and fashion
  • Sold over 20,000 Girl Scout cookies in her 13 years as a scout
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Talking about Dungeons and Dragons
Remembering to water her houseplants
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