Priscilla recently left Colorado State University. Please email and someone will be happy to answer your questions.

Priscilla Gardea

Priscilla is a native of El Paso, Texas who loves the dynamic atmosphere that Colorado State University breeds. “Everyone can find their niche here. Whether you’re dissecting the human brain, playing on the volleyball court, or volunteering our neighborhoods, it’s a great place to find a sense of community.”

Are you worried about the admissions process? Priscilla specializes in making the journey to college and the admissions experience as personal as possible.

Top conversation starters
  • Wanted to be an astronaut as a kid
  • Undergraduate degree is in English, but is a terrible speller
  • Myers-Briggs Personality type preference is an ENFP
  • Learned to ride a bike at 23 years old
Skills on a scale from zero to awesome
Connecting with families
Singing in the car
Social Justice and Diversity Work
Priscilla in her natural habitat