Life at Colorado State

Snow in Old Town

Living Here

CSU is about community. Whether you live on or off campus, you’ll be an important member.

Student Recreation

The hardest part about recreation in Fort Collins is deciding what you want to do today.

TedxCSU at  Colorado State Univerersity

Student Involvement

With over 550 student organizations, it’s just a matter of time before you find your niche.


Campus Safety

The Ram Family means looking out for each other and creating the best learning environment possible.

The Fort Collins Equation.

We set out to find the reason why we always heard people saying there was no other place like Fort Collins. The results were completely expected.

We call it the Fort Collins Equation.

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Academic Community

Finding the right major isn’t always easy.

Start with an academic interest area and let your passions guide your choice. After all, your major is an extension of yourself.

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It’s Different Here

You might come to Colorado State University to earn a degree, but you will leave with a lot more than academic credentials. Whether your plan after completing your studies is to head to the job market, enroll in graduate school, serve in the military or join the Peace Corps, what happens here will change you and your future.

The CSU Effect

See For Yourself

Start your CSU Experience. Visit campus so we can learn more about you and see¬†what you’ll add to our community.

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