8 residence hall must-haves

It can be tough to pin-point the most important things to bring along when moving into a limited space.

Want to bring some creature comforts? Have cold drinks on hand? Make sure your phone and laptop are always charged? Spend a little extra time planning and add these 8 items to your packing list. You won’t regret it.

Things you need your first year: re-usable water bottle

Re-usable Water Bottle

Colorado is well-known for its high altitude and dry air which both can cause dehydration. You’ll be on the go at CSU so bring along a durable water bottle to keep hydrated.

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A fan is a must-have for some, especially during the first and last few weeks of the school year when temperatures can get warm. It also comes in handy to make white noise which can help you sleep.

Things you need your first year: bed sheets

Extra-Long Bed Sheets

Don’t come up short. Your sheets need to be “extra-long twin” size in order to fit the mattress provided in the residence halls.

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Mattress Pad

If you like your bed soft, bringing a mattress pad with you is recommended. Make sure to buy “extra-long twin” size here too.

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A microwave is good for times when you don’t want to eat in the dining centers or maybe just want a bag of popcorn.

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Mini Fridge

Keep your cold water, drinks, and snacks in your room by adding this to your list.

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Power Strip

To make sure you and your roommate can charge your devices all the time, bring one of these along.

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First Aid Kit

Bumps, cuts, and scrapes happen. Be prepared.

What's included in the room?

View the full list, as well as more recommended items, by visiting the CSU Housing website.