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How we approach financial aid

Colorado State is dedicated to creating one of the best higher education experiences in the nation. That’s why the Office of Financial Aid uses financial aid as a tool to intentionally craft a community with diverse backgrounds, experiences and goals.

There are many ways the university could discount the investment required to attend, but that would also mean decreasing the value of the college experience. Instead, Colorado State invests in each student as they make an investment in the university, and the result is worth it.

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Your financial fit

At Colorado State, we approach the financial decision as a combination for four distinct and important factors: cost, aid, strategies, and outcomes.

  • COST

    Cost is the start of the financial fit conversation, but it should never be the end. Be sure to consider the whole picture when considering the cost of attendance at any university. What kind of experience are you looking for? How can you offset the cost with other factors in your financial fit?

  • AID

    Financial aid comes in several shapes and sizes. At CSU, we consider aid as any scholarship, grant, loan, or work study opportunity a student takes advantage of. Each student should work to find the right balance of financial aid to help reduce the cost of higher education.


    Family savings, summer jobs, smart budgeting, college credits earned at other institutions or through advanced placement programs — there are a lot of ways to reduce the cost of your education. See what kind of impact you can have on the bottom line by going above and beyond cost and aid.


    Your college investment might be the biggest investment you ever make. It needs to be worth it. Ask the tough questions about your education. Where are alumni working? What future salary can you expect from your major? What does the university do to prepare you to find work?

Important programs and resources

Cost of attendance

Cost of attendance varies depending on the type of student, living plans, and several other factors; however, for all students, the cost of higher education enables the experiences and learning that are unique at Colorado State.

Cost Of Attendance

Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE)

The Western Undergraduate Exchange, or WUE, is a program designed to provide diverse opportunities for residents of select western states. Typically, eligible students pay 150% of in-state tuition.

WUE Information

Merit-based scholarships

CSU offers several merit-based scholarship opportunities, which are distributed according to academic and personal achievements.

CSU Scholarships

Applying for aid

There are often several steps that must be taken to qualify and receive financial aid, which vary depending on the specific program or aid you are applying for. Be sure to file all required documents and meet all deadlines to ensure qualification.

Apply for Aid


It is important to determine state residency when applying for aid and determining cost of attendance. Students who do not initially qualify can petition for residency in certain circumstances.

Colorado Residency