Group of admissions counselors outside with CAM the Ram

We know the admissions process can be intimidating. That’s why we have a team of admissions professionals to help you with questions you might have on your journey to become part of the Colorado State University “Ramily.”

What’s an admissions counselor?

If you are an undergraduate, on-campus applicant, an admissions counselor is your go-to person for almost anything that comes up during your college search, application process, and after. No matter what stage of the process you’re in, you’ll have a counselor until you’re rolling up to campus for the start of the semester.

You can contact your admissions counselor via email, phone, text, and video chat. Appointments also are available. 

You are assigned a counselor based on your applicant type. Find your counselor below and start chatting. 

Freshman applicants

International applicants

Second bachelor's applicants

Transfer applicants

Returning to CSU Applicants

Nondegree-seeking applicants


Want to get in touch with CSU's executive director of admissions?

Still need help?

If your applicant type isn’t listed here or you have other questions, our customer service team can help.