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At Colorado State University, we are founded on the belief that our future is brighter when we work together.

Each day, Colorado State University sets out to dedicate every resource, every brilliant mind, every amazing idea to the goal of making life better for everyone. We explore, we innovate, we create solutions and pathways that are brand new. And that’s why we need you. 

What is it that you care about most? We want your passion and energy, your drive and creativity to join us in our pursuit of a better world. Our majors and concentrations are designed to encourage you to act boldly in pursuit of your unique passion. Our award-winning academics, our hands-on field placements, our cutting-edge research tools are the resources you’ll need to make your own big discoveries.

Join us at the base of the Rocky Mountains and begin your climb. We’re moving up, toward a better future. Together.

Explore our majors and minors

At Colorado State, you can choose from nearly 300 academic programs, including more than 70 majors with 140 concentrations and 80 minors. That means you can create a truly unique academic path that’s designed around your goals — no matter what they are.

What are majors, minors and concentrations?

A major is the degree you will earn at graduation, while a concentration focuses on a specific field of study related to a major. Not every major has a concentration. A minor is an optional secondary area of study that can be related or totally unrelated to your major.

How do I choose a major?!

Check out several ways to make your search easier so you can find a major that fits.

Alphabetical List

Agricultural Biology Major M Entomology Concentration
Plant Pathology Concentration
Weed Science Concentration
Agricultural Business Major M Agricultural Economics Concentration
Farm and Ranch Management Concentration
Food Systems Concentration
Agricultural Education Major M Agricultural Literacy Concentration
Teacher Development Concentration
Anthropology Major M Archaeology Concentration
Biological Anthropology Concentration
Cultural Anthropology Concentration
Apparel and Merchandising Major M Apparel Design and Production Concentration
Merchandising Concentration
Product Development Concentration
Art (B.A.) Major M Art History Concentration
Integrated Visual Studies
Art (B.F.A.) Major M Art Education Concentration
Drawing Concentration
Electronic Art Concentration
Fibers Concentration
Graphic Design Concentration
Metalsmithing Concentration
Painting Concentration
Photo Image Making Concentration
Pottery Concentration
Printmaking Concentration
Sculpture Concentration
Biochemistry Major M ASBMB Biochemistry Concentration
Data Science Concentration
Health and Medical Sciences Concentration
Pre-Pharmacy Concentration
Biology Major M Biological Science Concentration
Botany Concentration
Biomedical Sciences Major M Anatomy and Physiology Concentration
Environmental Public Health Concentration
Microbiology and Infectious Disease Concentration
Business Administration Major M Accounting Concentration
Computer Information Systems
Finance Concentration
Financial Planning Concentration
Human Resource Management Concentration
International Business Concentration
Marketing Concentration
Organization and Innovation Management Concentration
Real Estate Concentration
Supply Chain Management Concentration
Communication Studies Major M Speech Teacher Licensure Concentration
Computer Engineering Major M Aerospace Systems Concentration
Embedded and IoT Systems
Networks and Data Concentration
VLSI and Integrated Circuits Concentration
Computer Science Major M Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Concentration
Computing Systems Concentration
General Computer Science Concentration
Human-Centered Computing Concentration
Networks and Security Concentration
Software Engineering Concentration
Dance, B.F.A. Major M Dance Education
Data Science Major M Computer Science Concentration
Economics Concentration
Mathematics Concentration
Neuroscience Concentration
Statistics Concentration
Electrical Engineering Major M Aerospace Concentration
Electrical Engineering Concentration
Lasers and Optical Engineering Concentration
English Major M Creative Writing Concentration
English Education Concentration
Linguistics Concentration
Literature Concentration
Rhetoric and Literacy Concentration
Environmental Horticulture Major M Landscape Design and Contracting Concentration
Nursery and Landscape Management Concentration
Turf Management Concentration
Ethnic Studies Major M Community Organizing and Institutional Change Concentration
Global Race Power and Resistance Concentration
Social Studies Teacher Licensure Concentration
Family and Consumer Sciences Major M Family and Consumer Sciences Education Concentration
Interdisciplinary Family and Consumer Sciences Concentration
Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology Major M Conservation Biology Concentration
Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Concentration
Wildlife Biology Concentration
Forest and Rangeland Stewardship Major M Forest Biology Concentration
Forest Fire Science Concentration
Forest Management Concentration
Rangeland and Forest Management Concentration
Rangeland Conservation and Management Concentration
Geology Major M Environmental Geology Concentration
Geology Concentration
Geophysics Concentration
Hydrogeology Concentration
Health and Exercise Science Major M Health Promotion Concentration
Sports Medicine Concentration
History Major M Digital and Public History Concentration
General History Concentration
Language Concentration
Social and Behavioral Sciences Concentration
Social Studies Teaching Concentration
Horticulture Major M Controlled Environment Horticulture Concentration
Horticultural Business Management Concentration
Horticultural Food Crops Concentration
Horticultural Science Concentration
Horticultural Therapy Concentration
Human Development and Family Studies Major M Early Childhood Professions Concentration
Human Development and Family Studies Concentration
Leadership and Entrepreneurial Professions Concentration
Pre-Health Professions Concentration
Prevention and Intervention Sciences Concentration
International Studies Major M Asian Studies Concentration
European Studies Concentration
Global Studies Concentration
Latin American Studies Concentration
Middle East and North African Studies Concentration
Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Major M French Concentration
German Concentration
Spanish Concentration
Spanish for the Professions
Teaching Endorsement
Mathematics Major M Actuarial Science Concentration
Applied Mathematics Concentration
General Mathematics Concentration
Mathematics Education Concentration
Mechanical Engineering Major M Advanced Manufacturing
Aerospace Engineering Concentration
Music, B.M. Major M Composition Concentration
Music Education Concentration
Music Therapy Concentration
Performance Concentration
Natural Resource Tourism Major M Global Tourism Concentration
Natural Resource Tourism Concentration
Natural Sciences Major M Biology Education Concentration
Chemistry Education Concentration
Geology Education Concentration
Physical Science Concentration
Physics Education Concentration
Neuroscience Major M Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience Concentration
Cell and Molecular Neuroscience Concentration
Nutrition and Food Science Major M Dietetics and Nutrition Management Concentration
Food Systems Concentration
Nutrition and Fitness Concentration
Pre-Health Nutrition Concentration
Philosophy Major M General Philosophy Concentration
Global Philosophies and Religion Concentration
Science and Technology Concentration
Physics Major M Applied Physics Concentration
Physics Concentration
Political Science Major M Environmental Politics and Policy Concentration
Global Politics and Policy Concentration
U.S. Government Law and Policy Concentration
Psychology Major M Addictions Counseling Concentration
Brain and Behavior Concentration
Clinical/Counseling Psychology Concentration
General Psychology Concentration
Industrial/Organizational Concentration
Social Work Major M Addictions Counseling Concentration
Sociology Major M Criminology and Criminal Justice
Environmental Sociology Concentration
General Sociology Concentration
Soil and Crop Sciences Major M Agronomic Production Management Concentration
Applied Information Technology Concentration
Genetics and Breeding Concentration
International Soil and Crop Sciences Concentration
Plant Biotechnology
Soil Ecology Concentration
Soil Restoration and Conservation Concentration
Theatre Major M Costume Design and Technology Concentration
Lighting Design and Technology
Musical Theatre Concentration
Performance Concentration
Projection Design and Technology Concentration
Set Design Concentration
Sound Design and Technology Concentration
Watershed Science and Sustainability Major M Watershed Data
Watershed Science
Watershed Sustainability

Areas of Study

Arts & Humanities & Design

The borders of your notes are always covered in sketches and ideas. It’s not that you can’t keep your mind on what you’re doing—it’s that you can’t keep it off what you haven’t yet created.


Education & Teaching

You love how someone’s eyes light up when they learn something new, and love the idea of inspiring a new generation. You’re ready to explore your academic interests on a path that also prepares you to teach them.


Environmental & Natural Resources

Rolling down the car window and getting lost in the landscape is your favorite part of any trip. The natural world has always been your classroom, and learning how all life fits together, your inspiration.


Global & Social Sciences

You’re a people watcher. You see a story in every person and want to dig deeper, learning more about the history, culture, and circumstance that led to the very moment you’re sharing.


Health & Life & Food Sciences

You see science intertwined in every part of a person’s life and this unique vision spurs you to improve people’s lives by taking proven ideas to the next level.


Land & Plant & Animal Sciences

You were the first to notice the tadpoles in the pond and the bird’s nest in the tree behind your house. But, more importantly, you always questioned how they got there—and how to protect them.


Math & Physical Sciences & Engineering

Your world is a jigsaw puzzle and you’re busy assembling the pieces. Your favorite question is: “But, how?” You never shy away from the big issues and find a thrill in the opportunity a problem presents.


Organization & Management & Enterprise

You see the invisible lines between people and their environments. You’re always thinking about the next step in the process and bringing people together to help achieve a common goal.


Health, Law, Veterinary, and Teaching

If you are interested in careers in health, law, veterinary, or teaching, you can prepare for them at CSU using what we call pre-professional advising tracks. These tracks are not majors, but instead provide guidance and academic preparation for a specific profession or educational goal. Learn more about the benefits of pre-professional advising tracks.


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