6 things you should know before college

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1. You’re not the only nervous one.

Leaving family, friends and the community you know is pretty nerve-wracking, and that’s completely normal. Regardless of what people tell you, they’re nervous too. Being homesick, not feeling ready to leave, and being curious about who you’ll meet in college is all completely normal.

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2. You don’t have to leave your passions behind.

You were editor of the school paper? President of a club? Played varsity your freshman year? Those are all aspects of life that help define you. You can keep those interests alive in other ways at CSU: intramural sports, campus organizations, or even Greek Life will help you stay in touch with your passions.

3. Studying is different.

College classes are typically fast-paced and include more preparation outside of class than you might be used to. It’s important to take the time to figure out how you learn and study best. Whether this means making flashcards, re-writing your notes 12 times or joining study groups, do what works for you. If you need a helping hand, there are lots of academic support resources at CSU.

4. Life doesn’t stop at your residence hall.

Too much of good thing is not a good thing. Make a point to get out of your residence hall and meet new people around campus.

5. Professors are not scary.

Your professors are your ladder to academic success. They went into teaching because they want to help you figure out important concepts, talk over what you love about your major, and everything in between. Don’t be afraid to email them, go up to them after class, or stop in during their office hours.

6. Change can be hard. That’s OK.

It’s inevitable that at some point you’ll miss the people (and pets) that aren’t with you at college. Keep photos of them in your room. Carve out a time to call them every week. Start countdowns for when you’ll see them next. Reminding yourself of your loved ones will help with your transition.

Jill Baylis

Jill is part of the communications team in the Office of Admissions. As a first-generation college student, she works hard to simplify the college admissions process and enjoys helping future Rams connect to their interests. In her free time you can usually find her at a local concert or rolling through town on her single speed.