Are you an admitted student?

You’re eligible to join our exclusive student community. Choosing a university is bigger than deciding on your major and looking at your financial aid package. It’s about joining a community and creating a spot for yourself.

Get a head start by joining the Colorado State social community while making sure you have instant access to admissions counselors and faculty.

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The admitted student community is a private app that allows students to have honest conversations and make real connections before stepping foot on campus. Only admitted students can join, which means the community is all about the student experience. Faculty and staff can also learn about students and their concerns, making sure everyone is getting the right messages at the right time.

If you’re looking for an easy way to meet other potential Colorado State students, ask questions, and learn about important information for admitted students this is the place for you.

Within 2 days of your admit email, you will receive an email invitation from “Schools App” in the email account you used to apply to CSU (not your CSU email). Check your spam folder if you don’t see it.

  1. Click on “Accept Invitation”
  2. Authenticate your email
  3. Connect your account to your pre-existing Facebook account
  4. You’re done!

If you can’t find your invitation but you are sure you’ve been admitted, you can activate your account at If you are not able to join the community, please email us.

Your student community account will only authenticate using your Facebook account in order to  pre-populate your community profile with photos and profile information. After your profile has been authenticated, the student community and your private Facebook profile operate separately from each other. Activity from the app does not appear on your private Facebook and Facebook activity does not appear in the app.

You must have a Facebook account to join the admitted student community.

The Colorado State University Office of Admissions will only be able to see your student community profile and does not have any access to your personal Facebook account.

Even if you are still considering other schools, we strongly encourage students to join the community. You will be able to communicate with other students working through the same decision and you will have direct and easy access to faculty and staff on campus.

There’s no better way to get a better feel for campus than joining the admitted student community.

More than 6,000 students join the app each year and engage with future classmates.

All admitted students to Colorado State University are expected to adhere to the Principles of Community and Student Code of Conduct. This includes while using the CSU Schools App platform.

In order to support a welcoming community, the following are not allowed on the CSU Schools App. Posts containing this content will be removed and may result in the deletion of the offender’s Schools App account and/or further investigation.

  • Bullying and undermining behaviors. This includes discriminatory remarks or jokes based on identity.
  • Any and all attempts to market or sell products.
  • Fundraising requests and announcements.
  • All mentions or images of substance use.
  • Sexual jokes, innuendos and/or suggestions.

Ready to join?

After you are admitted, check your email for your invitation or download the app and select Colorado State University. Log in using the same email address you used to apply to CSU, and you’re ready to connect with future classmates!

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