Academic Opportunities: How to enhance your major at CSU

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At Colorado State, we know learning goes far beyond your major. That’s why there we make sure you know about all the ways you can enhance your degree, expand your academic resume, and get yourself out of the classroom to really experience your education. Here are a few ways you can enhance your academic experience at CSU.

Academic clubs

We know, we know. When some people think of a club, they rarely conjure up something that sounds closer to studying than fun. But what if we told you it can be both? CSU’s academic clubs will help you bust out of your classroom/homework rut and do everything from hang out with other students in your program to take trips to see what kinds of jobs you might want to explore in the future. You’ll have chances to bond with classmates and even maybe learn something you wouldn’t have in your day-to-day education.


Psst … did you know students who do an internship in college are more likely to be set up with a job after graduation, start at higher salaries, and work in fields directly related to their majors? You’ve likely heard about internships before, but finding information about what’s really out there is another story. At CSU, getting an internship isn’t just common, it’s sometimes even a requirement of your major! If the internship is required, you’ll likely get credit for it, as well.

Curious how this all works? Once you’re at CSU, you can meet with your academic success coordinator (typically in the department your major is housed in) to learn about your options. You can also get in touch with the Career Center, which can help you navigate your options and start the search once you’re here.


If you know what a major is, you probably have an idea of what a minor is. But did you know that at CSU, your minor can be related to your major … or not related at all? One of the best things about our academic programs is the way you can design your own path, so to speak. Want to major in Journalism, but hope to get a job in political refugee news someday? Your minor in political science can help illuminate that journey for you. Hoping to learn another language throughout your Business major so you can work internationally? Covered. Simply want to explore something totally out of your studies? You can do that too. Minors can do so much more than you think.

Undergraduate research

How does research come into play when it comes to your academic experience? For starters, participating in research at the undergraduate level isn’t as common in some university settings, sometimes only offered to graduate students. But at CSU, research done with and alongside undergraduate students is intentionally designed. Having exposure to research, best practices, and grad students in programs similar to yours can be a major resume builder and get you ahead of the game if you plan to take your education further or work in private research settings. To prove our dedication to undergraduate research, CSU has events to highlight just how amazing our student researchers can be, along with journals that guide students through the research publication process and a program to connect you with a research mentor. Take a look at everything you can explore in CSU undergraduate research.

Study abroad

Studying abroad, whether it’s with peers in your major or not, is one of the best ways to broaden your academic experience. CSU offers lots of programs that vary in destination, length, time of year, focus, and more. One program lets incoming students travel abroad the summer before their first semester. These first-year study abroad programs help you bond with your classmates and professors and let you to do some real-world learning in an enriching international setting. Other study abroad options include the intensely immersive Semester At Sea program, and there are a slew of other options to explore.

Tutoring and study groups

Last but never least, don’t overlook the benefits you can gain from CSU tutoring and study groups. Oftentimes, students only go to tutoring and study sessions as a last resort, or when they might be struggling academically. We encourage you to look at this as another academic opportunity — finding tutors and study groups early on can deepen your subject knowledge, help you get new perspectives on your course materials, and enhance your notes. You might even find friends you wouldn’t have met otherwise. Don’t skip out on this free CSU benefit!

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