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The Future Rams Dashboard is your digital, one-stop shop for taking steps to start at CSU.

Once you’re admitted to college, you’ll quickly find out there’s a lot to balance. There’s new email addresses, lots of offices and websites, and a long list of tasks to complete before the first day of class.

That’s where your Future Ram Dashboard comes in.

Your dashboard is a customized look into your journey because, let’s face it, your journey looks different than your classmates’. You might complete tasks at a different pace or have different interests, and that’s OK. Your dashboard will walk you through the important-to-know information when you’re ready for it.

What can the dashboard do?

Your dashboard will help you track important tasks, like applying for financial aid, signing up for orientation, and applying for on-campus housing. It also displays extra opportunities, like upcoming events or your Admitted Rams Community invitation.

You’ll find a roadmap that covers your most-important steps to enroll at Colorado State University. As you complete tasks, you’ll see the corresponding status update along with detailed information about what’s next.

The best part? Your dashboard will be constantly updated throughout the year to make sure you have the best information at your fingertips when you’re ready for it.

How do I get to the dashboard?

Your dashboard will be available following your admission to CSU.

To sign in:

  1. Go to and sign in using your NetID
  2. Navigate to the RamReady section
  3. Click the “Future Rams Dashboard” button

RamWeb will continue to be important throughout your time at CSU, so we recommend bookmarking it.

Go to your Future Ram Dashboard

Ready to see what’s next on your enrollment journey? Access your dashboard by logging in, going to the RamReady section and clicking Future Ram Dashboard.