State-of-the-art spaces: Bernard Rollin Knowledge Well Classroom

In our State-of-the-Art Spaces series, we’ll show you academic spaces all over campus that boast unique features and technology that enhance learning, allow students to engage in hands-on experiences, and more. Get an inside look at Colorado State’s state-of-the-art spaces now.

If any space on campus embodies our state-of-the-art series more than the Bernard Rollin Knowledge Well Classroom, we’d love to hear about it. This unique, 360-degree design is beneficial for learning and engagement, and delivers an experience that mimics the Globe Theater. This truly take learning to a new level.

Within the classroom, you’ll find massive, curved-screen displays, visible from any angle within the room. Curved tables are arranged in a 360-degree design, so no matter where you sit, you’ll see a screen, while the speaker at the center can easily focus on any section of the room. Additionally, the center podium features a microphone connected to surround-sound speakers, ensuring everyone, front to back, can hear perfectly.

Depending on the class or event’s specific needs, the room can be rearranged from its standard circular design to suit more-specific presentations. Tables, chairs, and even the instruction podium are mobile.

This unique room takes its rounded design from the world of theatre, a concept lauded for putting the audience – or the students, in this case – closer to the action. In fact, despite the room’s 160-person capacity, no student will be more than five rows from the instructor. 

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  • Who studies here: This unique space is in high demand, hosting classes both within the College of Agricultural Sciences and from majors all over campus. Additionally, the classroom plays host to special events and meetings for the greater CSU and local community.
  • Some classes that meet here: Functional Large Animal Physiology, Introductory Soil Science, Information Management for Sustainability, Software Engineering, Appreciation of Philosophy, International Relations, Agricultural and Resource Economics, and many more.
  • Built: May 2022
  • Location: West side of campus, inside Nutrien Agricultural Sciences building. See map.

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