I’ve lived and worked in many places across the U.S., including Chicago, San Francisco, and Oakland. My work has spanned multiple fields, including finance, teaching, landscaping, and entrepreneurship – I operated a pizza restaurant for five years! I earned a second bachelor’s degree from CSU in Horticulture, with a concentration in Landscape Design and Contracting.

I came to work at CSU in 2016 and wish I had done it sooner. I love the camaraderie among students and employees. I love how vibrant the campus is and the feeling of promise and positivity that permeates everything.

I look forward to helping you navigate the admissions process and make it a little easier (and maybe even fun).

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Top conversation starters

  • I have an identical twin sister
  • Love pizza
  • Took baton twirling lessons as a child
  • Favorite subject in high school was math

Skills on a scale from zero to awesome

Doing jigsaw puzzles
Watching movies
Cooking and baking

My natural habitat

Cathy Braunlin holding snowshoes