Electrical Engineering Major

Imagine developing a new electronic gadget that changes the way we live, work, and communicate.

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From GPS to electric power, electrical engineers have developed of a wide array of new technologies. They design, test, and supervise the electrical systems and devices for a range of industries. This major allows you to choose between two concentrations: One covers a broad range of electrical engineering subdiscplines and allows you to focus on an interest with electives. The other focuses on optics and waves, electronics, information processing, and communications. 

Degree typeBachelor of Science
FormatOn campus
Part ofWalter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering
Competitive major?Yes
Accelerated option?No
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A concentration allows you to specialize in a certain area within your major, offering a depth of information and hands-on experiences that you may not otherwise get. Many students in this major will concentrate in one area to work in a specific field after college, as well as find mentors and internships before they even graduate.


You’ll get specialized training in the aerospace discipline, focusing on applications of key electrical engineering principles in the areas of deep-space communications, robotics, embedded systems, flight avionics, and more.  

General Electrical Engineering

You’ll cover a broad range of electrical engineering subdisciplines and allows a student to focus on their particular area of interest using technical electives. 

Lasers and Optical Engineering

You’ll focus on optics and waves, optical electronics, optical information processing, and communications. 

Some Career Options

The smarts inside your smart home. The radars and satellites that measure weather and climate. The imaging tools that help physicians peer inside the human body. Electrical engineering makes it all possible. With a degree in electrical engineering, you will have the skills and knowledge to drive innovation in virtually any field.

Tour and info session options

Tours may be available as part of Admissions tours and info sessions, offered throughout the year.

For additional opportunities, please reach out to:

Walter Scott, Jr., College of Engineering recruiter at explore@engr.colostate.edu

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