Fermentation Science and Technology Major

Turn the art and science of food and beverage fermentation into a thriving career path.

At a glance

Majoring in Fermentation Science and Technology will give you a strong interdisciplinary science background with learning focused on the safety, culinary, and nutritional attributes of fermented foods and beverages. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in local hands-on brewing and fermenting to increase your practical understanding of fermented food and beverage production methods, preparing you for employment in product development, processing, quality assurance and control, sensory evaluation, packaging, distribution, and plant management.  

Degree typeBachelor of Science
FormatOn campus
Part ofCollege of Health and Human Sciences
Competitive major?No
Accelerated option?No
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Some Career Options

CSU’s degree in Fermentation Science and Technology is one of the first and one of very few in the United States. You’ll have many opportunities within the local fermentation industry to broaden your hands-on experience, along with internships to get you connected for future jobs. The food industry is the largest in the world and fermentation science is a rapidly emerging area, so the future is promising. 

Tour and info session options

Tours may be available as part of Admissions tours and info sessions, offered throughout the year.

For additional opportunities, please reach out to:

College of Health and Human Sciences recruiter at chhs_recruitment@mail.colostate.edu

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