Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Major

Broaden your worldview. Learn another language. Explore and immerse yourself in another culture.

At a glance

It’s no secret that knowing other languages opens doors to a world of opportunities. This major offers undergraduate instruction in 10 languages, with concentrations in French, German and Spanish, and opportunities for education abroad. You’ll gain the ability to communicate in another tongue, but also to analyze literary texts and films, to understand the workings of language, to appreciate diversity and to interact successfully across cultures. Note: French, German, and Spanish concentrations can obtain a teacher license through the School of Education in order to teach their language in Colorado public schools. 

Degree typeBachelor of Arts
FormatOn campus
Part ofCollege of Liberal Arts
Competitive major?No
Accelerated option?Yes
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A concentration allows you to specialize in a certain area within your major, offering a depth of information and hands-on experiences that you may not otherwise get. Many students in this major will concentrate in one area to work in a specific field after college, as well as find mentors and internships before they even graduate.


You’ll take classes in language, linguistics, translation, and French and Francophone literatures and cultures. Opportunities to practice the language include French Club and studying abroad. 


Take courses in language, literature, linguistics, culture, and practical applications such as Business German or translation and host cultural events through the German Club.  


You’ll take courses in Spanish language, linguistics, translation, Latin American literatures and cultures, Peninsular literatures and cultures and Transatlantic studies. You can join the Spanish Club, El Centro, and study abroad. 

Spanish for the Professions

Explore and deepen your language and cultural training in Spanish for field-specific contexts, such as animal care, business, healthcare, and translation/interpretation services. 

Some Career Options

Having fluency in another language means you are a valuable employee at nearly any job in almost any field. With your bilingual skills – along with your cultural awareness and information – you’ll be an asset in government, politics, education, law, the media, and far beyond.

Tour and info session options

Tours may be available as part of Admissions tours and info sessions, offered throughout the year.

For additional opportunities, please reach out to:

College of Liberal Arts recruiter at or (970) 821-5276 (Text friendly. Please include your/the student’s full name in the message.)

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