Chemical and Biological Engineering Major

Have you always been drawn to design and chemical processes?

At a glance

Chemical and biological engineering is a blend of foundational sciences and the skills to describe, predict, and control all changes of matter. You’ll gain the knowledge and skills to create cutting-edge materials and products, to design new devices to improve human/animal health or help the environment, and to design processes for the production of alternative energy sources and waste prevention. The major offers a curriculum based in math, science, and engineering to provide a well-rounded education for the many different engineering opportunities available upon graduation. 

Degree typeBachelor of Science
FormatOn campus
Part ofWalter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering
Competitive major?Yes
Accelerated option?No
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Some Career Options

With your Chemical and Biological Engineering degree, you’ll graduate with career options in the biotechnology, biomedical, microelectronics, environmental, alternative energy, petroleum, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as into employment with government agencies. You’ll go into the workforce armed with both foundational science and engineering skills, as well as specialized skills in chemical and biological engineering, with plenty of room to explore and focus your skill toward your engineering interests.

Tour and info session options

Tours may be available as part of Admissions tours and info sessions, offered throughout the year.

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