Mechanical Engineering Major

Do you have an innate curiosity for the way things work? 

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Mechanical engineers are creative problem solvers who design, develop, and manufacture the machines that run energy, building, environmental, and transportation systems. You’ll take basic science and mathematics courses while beginning your engineering studies. Your senior year focuses on a yearlong design course to help you transition to an engineering career. Participation in labs further develops design, modeling, and analysis skills. Mechanical Engineering at CSU is dedicated to graduating ethical mechanical engineers who make an impact on society’s global engineering challenges. 

Degree typeBachelor of Science
FormatOn campus
Part ofWalter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering
Competitive major?Yes
Accelerated option?No
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A concentration allows you to specialize in a certain area within your major, offering a depth of information and hands-on experiences that you may not otherwise get. Many students in this major will concentrate in one area to work in a specific field after college, as well as find mentors and internships before they even graduate.

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing explores manufacturing techniques, automation, simulation, and processing of materials. You will get a solid foundation in manufacturing topics, along with a specialized focus in the manufacturing industry and technology.

Aerospace Engineering

You’ll study the design, manufacturing, and operating techniques of machines capable of air flight. You’ll work with faculty experienced the aerospace industry, who will guide you through the subjects of fluid mechanics, chemical propulsion, stability and control, and structures for aircraft and rockets that fly within and above Earth’s atmosphere. 

Some Career Options

As a Mechanical Engineering grad, you’ll come out with a high level of mechanical understanding, from the way machines and machine technology works, to the innovative processes that require innovation of new mechanical technologies. You’ll be ready to enter fields from automobiles and engine design to space shuttle design and operations. You’ll have chances to work with robotics and medical devices, and so much more.

Tour and info session options

Tours may be available as part of Admissions tours and info sessions, offered throughout the year.

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