Student kicks back in chair in a brightly lit, open space lounge

Congratulations on being admitted as an second bachelor’s student to Colorado State University, a community filled with people who are diverse in their backgrounds, but linked by their big ideas.

Being a CSU student means joining a community that always has your back, because Rams take care of Rams. It’s setting you up for a successful career, and – bonus! – gaining lifelong friendships and a place you can always, always call home.

Next steps for admitted second bachelor’s students

You worked hard to get to this point in your life, so enjoy the moment! When you’re ready, it’s time to cross a few more things off your list so you can officially become a CSU student. If you are still deciding whether CSU is right for you, that’s OK. These steps are non-binding and will keep you on track if you decide to become a Ram.

If you have questions about any of these steps, your admissions counselor is ready to help!


When you applied for admission to CSU, you were emailed a NetID to the email account you used to apply for admission. You will need to activate your NetID to get access to create a CSU email account and set up many other systems at CSU.  

Your NetID is a C, followed by your 9-digit CSU ID. For example: C899456789

Need help? Contact us.

Log into RAMweb and Future Ram Dashboard

RAMweb is the CSU student portal where you check your application status, see your financial aid and scholarship awards, register for classes, check your grades, pay your bill, and more. Inside RAMweb is a link to your Future Ram Dashboard, which helps incoming students complete upcoming tasks and find personalized information. As you complete tasks in your dashboard, you’ll see the corresponding status update along with detailed information about what’s next.

  1. Log in to RAMweb and sign in using your NetID
  2. Navigate to the RamReady section
  3. Click the “Future Ram Dashboard” button

Confirm your seat

Fall start: Complete by July 1. 

Spring start: Complete by December 15.

Summer start: Complete as soon as possible for best access to classes.

Reserve your spot in our incoming class by telling us you are coming. You’ll be able to access orientation sign-up and the on-campus housing application after you confirm. See all your options below.


By confirming, you will reserve your spot in the incoming class and gain access to the on-campus housing application and orientation sign-up.

Change your starting semester

Need more time? You can request a change to your entry term for up to one year. We’ll keep your application active and work with you to retain your admission decision if possible.

Decline your offer of admission

If you decide not to enroll at CSU, you can decline your offer of admission. After you decline, we will stop communicating with you. You can change your mind, but declining your admission may impact your enrollment options.

Apply for financial aid and scholarships

Fall start: The FAFSA opens in December and has a priority deadline of March 1. Many scholarship applications also have a March 1 deadline.

Spring start: The FAFSA opens in December.

Summer start: The FAFSA opens in December.

Finding a university that’s a fit financially is important, and one of the most important aspects of financial fit is aid. We recommend pursuing as many types of funding as possible including grants, scholarships, loans, work study, and student employment to help offset the investment of college.

Find housing if needed

Fall start: The on-campus housing application opens in January. The on-campus apartment application is open year-round.

Spring start: The on-campus housing application opens mid-September. The on-campus apartment application is open year-round.

Summer start: The on-campus housing application opens in January. The on-campus apartment application is open year-round.

On-campus options

Second bachelor’s students are welcome but not required to live on campus. CSU offers a wide selection of housing and dining options to ensure all students feel at home, including  on-campus apartments.

The on-campus housing application requires a $300 deposit plus a $50 nonrefundable application fee (waived for students who qualify for a need-based enrollment deposit deferral).

Questions about living on campus, the housing application, or the housing deposit can be directed to Housing & Dining Services.

Off-campus options

Off-Campus Life offers resources to help you make a successful transition to the Fort Collins community beyond finding a place to live. You are encouraged to start your search for off-campus housing early. Turnover is common at the beginning and end of each academic term, but leases may need to be secured several weeks in advance.

Complete health requirements

Complete the steps on CSU Health Network’s new student checklist to support our commitment to a safe, healthy campus. Steps include submitting required health and immunization records (many students bring theirs to orientation), completing online health or safety programs, and documenting insurance coverage.

Submit your final transcripts

Fall start: Complete by July 1

Spring start: Complete by January 2

Summer start: Complete as soon as possible before classes start

If your degree wasn’t already conferred at point of admission, you must provide your final, official college transcript showing graduation. 

To avoid possible delays or holds on your financial aid or course registration, submit final transcripts by the dates listed above.