What exactly is an admissions counselor? How do you get one? And why are they always here for you?

Your CSU admissions counselor is your go-to person for almost anything that comes up during your college search, application process, and after. No matter what stage of the process you’re in, you’ll have a counselor until you’re rolling up to campus for the start of the semester.

You are assigned a counselor based on where you live or go to school. Whether you live in Colorado, out of state, or in a U.S. territory, we have you covered. Ready to meet your counselor? Keep scrolling to find yours.

Colorado residents

Search for the county that your high school is in to find your assigned counselor.

County Your High School Is InCounselor
AdamsBobby Browning
AlamosaJuliette Bryant
ArapahoeBobby Browning
ArchuletaJuliette Bryant
BacaSophia Shepp
BentSophia Shepp
BoulderKelsey Stamm
BroomfieldKelsey Stamm
ChaffeeJuliette Bryant
CheyenneSophia Shepp
Clear CreekMercy Robertson
ConejosJuliette Bryant
CostillaJuliette Bryant
CrowleySophia Shepp
CusterJuliette Bryant
DeltaMercy Robertson
DenverJon Lindeman
DoloresJuliette Bryant
DouglasKevin Krasnow
EagleMercy Robertson
El PasoKevin Krasnow
ElbertSophia Shepp
FremontJuliette Bryant
GarfieldMercy Robertson
GilpinMercy Robertson
GrandMercy Robertson
GunnisonJuliette Bryant
HinsdaleJuliette Bryant
HuerfanoSophia Shepp
JacksonMercy Robertson
JeffersonKelsey Stamm
KiowaSophia Shepp
Kit CarsonSophia Shepp
La PlataJuliette Bryant
LakeMercy Robertson
LarimerMegan Miller
Las AnimasSophia Shepp
LincolnSophia Shepp
LoganJon Lindeman
MesaMercy Robertson
MineralJuliette Bryant
MoffatMercy Robertson
MontezumaJuliette Bryant
MontroseMercy Robertson
MorganJon Lindeman
OteroSophia Shepp
OurayJuliette Bryant
ParkMercy Robertson
PhillipsJon Lindeman
PitkinMercy Robertson
ProwersSophia Shepp
PuebloSophia Shepp
Rio BlancoMercy Robertson
Rio GrandeJuliette Bryant
RouttMercy Robertson
SaguacheJuliette Bryant
San JuanJuliette Bryant
San MiguelJuliette Bryant
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SummitMercy Robertson
TellerKevin Krasnow
WashingtonJon Lindeman
WeldJon Lindeman
YumaJon Lindeman

Out-of-state residents

AlabamaSophia Shepp
AlaskaJuliette Bryant
ArizonaMercy Robertson
ArkansasSophia Shepp
California, NorthernJustin Smalley
California, SouthernEllesse Goodman
ConnecticutSam Whitaker
DelawareSam Whitaker
FloridaSophia Shepp
GeorgiaSophia Shepp
HawaiiJuliette Bryant
IdahoMercy Robertson
IllinoisTiffany Dallas
IndianaTiffany Dallas
IowaAhjina Hopkins
KansasAhjina Hopkins
KentuckyAhjina Hopkins
LouisianaSophia Shepp
MaineSam Whitaker
MarylandSam Whitaker
MassachusettsSam Whitaker
MichiganTiffany Dallas
MinnesotaAhjina Hopkins
MississippiSophia Shepp
MissouriAhjina Hopkins
MontanaMercy Robertson
NebraskaAhjina Hopkins
NevadaJustin Smalley
New HampshireSam Whitaker
New JerseySam Whitaker
New MexicoMercy Robertson
New YorkSam Whitaker
North CarolinaSophia Shepp
North DakotaMercy Robertson
OhioAhjina Hopkins
OklahomaMonique McGregor
OregonJuliette Bryant
PennsylvaniaSam Whitaker
Rhode IslandSam Whitaker
South CarolinaSophia Shepp
South DakotaMercy Robertson
TennesseeSophia Shepp
TexasMonique McGregor
UtahMercy Robertson
VermontSam Whitaker
VirginiaSam Whitaker
WashingtonJuliette Bryant
Washington, D.C.Sam Whitaker
West VirginiaAhjina Hopkins
WisconsinTiffany Dallas
WyomingMercy Robertson

U.S. territories

Residents of American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, your assigned counselor is Heather Daniels.