Women’s and Gender Studies Major

Build your awareness of the range of human experience, potential, and accomplishment.

At a glance

This interdisciplinary program examines the cultural and social construction of gender, explores the history, experiences, and contributions of women to society, and studies the influences of gender on the lives of women and men. Looking at the world through this lens allows us to more directly and effectively address issues of social justice and social change. By studying gender relations, students learn skills that work toward dismantling gender-based inequality and promote gender equity in various arenas of social life.  

Degree typeBachelor of Arts
FormatOn campus
Part ofCollege of Liberal Arts
Competitive major?No
Accelerated option?No
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Some Career Options

Women’s and Gender Studies graduates are passionate about social justice, fighting for marginalized populations, and helping make the world a better place through authentic human engagement and helping. You’ll graduate with a well-rounded degree that allows you discover your perfect fit in advocacy, international relief work, social work, and public service/health.

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