Philosophy Major

Want to grapple with the big questions and come to a deeper understanding of yourself and the world?

At a glance

Studying philosophy develops your critical-thinking skills and allows you to seek a greater understanding of self and the world in your pursuit of truth and meaning. Philosophers think about the big questions: What can we know? How should I live my life? Do we have free will? Philosophy allows you to enter conversations that feature great thinkers and significant ideas. Philosophy pairs easily with other majors to give you a broad, highly applicable, and meaningful education. 

Degree typeBachelor of Arts
FormatOn campus
Part ofCollege of Liberal Arts
Competitive major?No
Accelerated option?No
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A concentration allows you to specialize in a certain area within your major, offering a depth of information and hands-on experiences that you may not otherwise get. Many students in this major will concentrate in one area to work in a specific field after college, as well as find mentors and internships before they even graduate.

General Philosophy

You’ll take courses in the history and significant areas of Western philosophy, like ancient Greek philosophy, ethics, and metaphysics, as well as courses in diverse philosophical traditions

Global Philosophies and Religions

Coursework in this concentration explores philosophical traditions from around the world, including Western, South and East Asian, and Islamic traditions, plus courses on the philosophy and practice of religion.

Philosophy, Science, and Technology

Coursework specific to this concentration examines the philosophical underpinnings of scientific thought and practice, including philosophy of science, metaphysics, epistemology, logic, and applied ethics (environmental ethics and biomedical ethics).

Some Career Options

Your degree prepares you for a wide variety of professional aspirations, including graduate study, law, computer technology, social work, health care, the ministry, business, and beyond. The high level of skill that you acquire in communication, writing, and analytical and critical thinking will enable you to become a leader in you field of choice.

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