How to create your university email account (hint: create your eID)

When you create your eID to check your application status online, you also establish your university email account, which is an Office365 account. Your email address is formatted automatically using your first name and last name: (e.g., This address is also referred to as your “alias” and is the address you supply when someone wants to email you.

Your university account stays with you throughout your CSU experience.

Admissions will use only the email address you supplied on your application. Once you’re admitted, however, other university offices will use your university email account for all communications, such as:

  • Academic invitations and announcements
  • Financial aid instructions and status updates
  • Housing assignments
  • Orientation and registration information
  • Transfer evaluation notifications

You are responsible for information sent to your university email account. Check your email regularly (at least once a week) after you’ve been admitted.

You also have the option to create a university Google account, but this is not required, nor will the university use it to communicate with you.

How to log in to your university email account

  1. Go to the login page: Office365 email login
  2. In the sign-in box, enter your eID ename as your user name (e.g., Do not use your “firstname.lastname” email or ename alone.
  3. Enter your EID password
  4. Once logged in, click on “Outlook”

Note that there can be a delay of up to two hours between when you create your eID and when your email account is ready to use.

Applicants who created an eID before August 1, 2018:

Your university email account is a Google Apps account.

Log in to your Google Apps email account with your ename as the username.

Check your university email

You’re encouraged to check your university email account at least weekly once you’re admitted.

Check your email