Your university email account opens when you create your CSU eID

Your eID is the credential necessary to conduct all University business. While you are creating your eID, you’re also establishing your university email account. During the process, you’ll be prompted to authenticate your new email account.

Your new CSU email address is Log in to your university email account using your eID (ename and epassword) at


Check your university email account regularly after you’re admitted

Once you’re admitted, other university offices will use your university email account for all communications, such as financial aid instructions and status updates, orientation and registration information, notification that your transfer evaluation is complete, housing assignments, contact from academic departments and more.

Your university email account will stay with you throughout your CSU experience.

You are responsible for any communications or action items sent to your attention via your university account. If you are not going to be able to check this account at least weekly, consider setting up forwarding rules to an account you check more frequently.