Colorado State University encourages applications from homeschoolers who have completed a rigorous college-preparatory education. We understand that homeschooling offers diverse teaching methods and learning environments personalized to fit you and your family.

Who's a homeschool student?

CSU considers anyone who has received part or all of their high school education through a home-based environment a homeschool student. This could include homeschooling from just one semester up to your entire school career.

We do not have any admissions requirements that are unique to homeschoolers. The requirements for admission and the process of evaluating a student’s credentials are basically the same as for students from traditional educational settings. Homeschooled students apply as freshmen unless they attended a regionally accredited college after high school graduation.

Homeschooled students are eligible for all the same services and opportunities at Colorado State, including financial aid, scholarships, and the honors program.

Special considerations

  • If you have a calculated cumulative grade point average using either letter or percentile grades, Colorado State University will use that GPA for admission and scholarship decisions and for state reporting purposes.
    • Guidelines established by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE) require that all applicants from non-graded educational settings (i.e., narrative or portfolio assessment) be assigned a 3.3 “proxy” GPA (on a 4.0 scale), regardless of the type of assessment system used by the family or curriculum. While the 3.3 proxy GPA is part of the academic profile, the admission decision process still includes a detailed, personal review of the actual assessment of student performance. It is critical that you provide information about your individual experience and achievements.
  • You are encouraged to use the personal statement in your application to help us better understand your background and the context of your college preparation. You may want to include:
    • a description of your high school learning environment(s)
    • an explanation of why you chose to homeschool and what curriculum you have used
    • an assessment of the pros/cons of your experience and your preparation for Colorado State
  • Homeschooled applicants are not required to present additional test results (e.g., achievement tests, GED, College Board subject tests, etc.).