If a learning difference and/or a physical/health condition has impacted your academic record, please use your personal statement or academic explanation in your application for admission to describe your circumstances.

In some cases, applicants choose to self-identify because it highlights the ability to overcome adversity. You get to choose what information you share as part of helping us understand what you’ll bring to our community. While anything you share can be considered in the decision process, it will not be the sole basis for our admission decision.

Disclosure of the presence of a disability is voluntary.

Please do not send us copies of your IEP, your 504 or proof of your disability; these are not considered in the decision process. Instead, we are interested in knowing more about who you are, what you understand about your strengths and challenges, and how prepared you are to navigate a new environment and advocate for yourself where needed.

Full range of support

CSU students have access to our Student Disability Center, which provides a wide range of support services and accommodations.