Are you ready to accept your invitation?

We’re proud of what we’ve built at Colorado State, but we’re not done yet. With a firm foundation in our land-grant heritage, students at CSU aren’t afraid to think bigger. They aren’t afraid to ask the hard questions or follow their passions. Students here don’t just place value on the results — they embrace the process that got them there.

Thousands of Rams have found their state in Fort Collins. This is an invitation to find yours.

What kind of student am I?

First Year Students / Freshmen

You will be a freshman if you are applying directly from high school, and you’ve never attended college, or all your college credits were earned prior to high school graduation (or equivalent). Any credits earned before completing high school will be evaluated for transfer, but will not impact your application status.

Transfer Students

If you have taken any college-level coursework at a regionally accredited college after high school graduation (or equivalent), you will be evaluated as a transfer student. If your only college coursework was taken while concurrently-enrolled in high school (prior to graduation), you will be evaluated for freshman / first-year admission.

International Students

You’re an international freshman if:

1) You’re a non-U.S. citizen or non-U.S. permanent resident, and 2) You’ve completed or are completing high school/secondary school, and 3) You’ve never attended college.

You’re an international transfer if:

1) You’re a non-U.S. citizen or non-U.S. permanent resident, and 2) You’ve graduated from high school/secondary school or received a school-leaving certificate, and 3) You are currently taking or have taken college/university-level courses.

Second Bachelor's Degree

We will evaluate you as a candidate for a second bachelor’s degree if you have completed an undergraduate degree and want to complete a second degree, or if  you want to take additional undergraduate course work for career enhancement or graduate/professional school preparation.

Non-Degree Options

Community members are welcome to take classes through the GUEST program, Summer Session or OnlinePlus .

Graduate Students

Graduate applications are processed by the Office of Admission, but you will apply through the Graduate School.

Returning Students

If you previously attended CSU as an admitted, degree-seeking student, you will be evaluated as a returning student.

Online Students

Online education at CSU allows you to maintain your personal life and career schedule while earning the same regionally-accredited CSU degree that a student at the Fort Collins campus is awarded.

Online degree options include graduate studies and undergraduate degree completion for students with college credits, as well as professional development and continuing education credits.

What are the admission requirements?

Colorado State evaluates prospective students through holistic review. That means students are not evaluated by a set of requirements, but instead by their entire academic and personal record.

What is Fort Collins like?

Quick access to the Rocky Mountains, a cooperative relationship between a vibrant town and campus, and only an hour from Denver. We love our town and think you will too.

Do you have my program?

With 72 majors, over 125 concentrations and over 80 minors, Colorado State offers a broad spectrum of programs of study.

How do I visit?

With twice-daily campus tours and a variety of specialized visit programs, you won’t have any trouble learning about what everyday life is like at CSU.

What kind of traditions does CSU have?

Stand underneath the “A,” stroll along the Oval, or join in the “Proud to be a CSU Ram” chant at the Rocky Mountain Showdown and get a feel for the Ram Pride that sets CSU apart.

How much does it cost to go to CSU?

Find our more about the cost of attendance and the financial aid offered by the university.

How do I talk to a counselor?

Our team of admissions professionals are waiting for your questions. Learn more about them and send them a message.