How do I check my status?

We know you are eager to hear about your application status – patience is tough in moments like this! If you have submitted your undergraduate application, you can see nearly real-time updates in RAMweb, the applicant and student portal.

What is RAMweb?

RAMweb is the CSU student portal where you will check your application status and — eventually — receive your financial aid and scholarship awards, view your transfer evaluation, register for classes, check your grades, pay your bill, and more.

You’ll need an eID to access RAMweb. Your eID consists of a username and password, and it will stay with you throughout your CSU experience.

Create your eID in 3 easy steps

After you submit your application for admission, you will be prompted to create your eID. Follow these steps to create your eID and gain access to RAMweb and your applicant status page.

Watch for your CSU ID

Within two (2) days after you’ve submitted your application, you’ll receive an email with the 9-digit CSU ID you’ll need to create your eID.

Create your login credentials

Within the eID Create website, you’ll be prompted to enter your CSU ID, authenticate your email address, establish your username and password, and answer password help questions in case you ever need to restore your password. That’s it!

Wait for authentication

As soon as you create your eID, you can log in to RAMweb, but it may take up to an hour to access your application status page while our systems sync. We’ll send you a confirmation email when the process is finished.

Check your application status regularly

You can see nearly real-time information about the status of your application when you click on “Check your Application Status” in the RAMready section of RAMweb.

Allow 2-3 business days for documents to be reflected as received (mailed documents may take slightly longer).

Your application checklist can change as we process and review your application, so you’re encouraged to check your status at least once a week.

If you’ve started but not submitted your application and need to log back in to continue your application, find the links on your application guide.

Monitor your university email account

Creating your eID also activates your university email address, which will become the primary email address for other University offices to contact you once you’re admitted.

Be sure to check this account at least once a week after you’re admitted for important announcements to help you prepare for CSU.

Are you a graduate student? If you are pursuing admission to a master’s or Ph.D. program, contact your intended department to find out more about your application status.