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Let Your Passion Guide Your Studies

Some universities concentrate on academic ratings and numbers. At Colorado State, we concentrate on student experience. That means letting go of titles and structure and embracing an academic community that provides opportunity beyond your direct specialization.

Your major isn’t what you think it is. It’s late-night conversations about changing the world with your friends. It’s the moment you nod your head in class. It’s the set of experiences that turns a simple job into a lifetime of difference-making.

See what Colorado State has to offer below and then talk to your admissions counselor about how your passion fits into our programs.

Not sure where to start?

Contact your admissions counselor. They’ll walk you through the programs we offer and help you find the academic community you’ll thrive in.



Arts, Humanities and Design

The borders of your notes are always covered in sketches and ideas. It’s not that you can’t keep your mind on what you’re doing, it’s that you can’t keep it off what you haven’t created.


Environmental and Natural Resources

Rolling down the car window and getting lost in the landscape is your favorite part of any trip. Big or small, you’re interested in how the natural world works and how humans fit into it.


Health, Life and Food Sciences

You see science intertwined in every part of a person’s life. You’re a dreamer who wants to improve people’s lives through practical methods and proven ideas.


Global and Social Sciences

You’re a people-watcher. You see a story in every person and want to find out more about the history, culture and circumstances that led to the moment you’re sharing.


Land, Plant and Animal Sciences

You were the first to notice the tadpoles in the pond and the bird’s nest in the tree behind your house. But, more importantly, you always asked questions about why they were there.


Organization, Management and Enterprise

You see the invisible lines between people and things. You’re always thinking about the next step in the process and work to bring people together to meet a common goal.


Physical Sciences and Engineering

Your world is a puzzle and you just opened the box. Your favorite question is: “But, how?” You don’t shy away from the big questions and enjoy the opportunity a problem presents.


Challenge yourself to take your education to the next level. The University Honors Program is a community of academically-motivated students who live and learn together. Honors students have access to small seminar-style classes, personal faculty interaction, and priority registration.


As an undeclared-exploring student, you have the opportunity to explore your academic options and find the path that’s right for you. You can guide your exploration by choosing one of our seven major tracks, or search more broadly. Either way, your advisor will help you create a personalized academic plan.


At Colorado State University, your success comes first. That’s why we offer resources to support you through every step of your college experience. From peer mentoring to professional advising to career services, we give you the tools you need to thrive during your time at CSU and beyond. Not sure where to start? Our undergraduate advising office can guide you in the right direction.


Your time at Colorado State is finite, but the rewards of a CSU education last a lifetime. Our graduates go on to be successful in every sense of the word.Their careers are more than a paycheck, they’re a passion. They continue their education at respected institutions around the globe. And in big and small ways, our students make a difference in the world. We call it The CSU Effect, and it’s one of the reasons CSU grads are always in demand.